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  • [Translate] Used car can be counted as one of the best alternatives for someone who has budget constraint but still wishes to own a car. Many teenagers prefer to choose used cars when they are buying for the first time.  It is because these are cheaper than the new cars and fit into cost range. [...]

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  • [Translate] Personal loan is considered as one of the easiest that an individual can take. There are generally no questions asked, no need of proofs, no criteria to be met. This is unlike other loans, such as those for education, where you require giving evidence of admission, or a home loan, where your house will [...]

  • [Translate] Every time you have a query related to your life insurance policy, do you rush to your agent’s office or call up at the insurance company’s customer care number to resolve your problem? If the analysis done by life insurers on customer behavior has anything to go by, chances are high that you also [...]

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  • [Translate] Home loan interest rates have inched up to an alarming degree in the last few months. This in turn, has certainly affected the loan eligibility. In such a scenario, it becomes pertinent for borrowers to re-evaluate their options on account of the new eligibility norms. Given below are some ways of enhancing the housing [...]

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  • [Translate] Today all banks try to induce their customers to shift the outstanding amount on one credit card to another by facilitating balance transfer that too at a cheaper rate. It is generally believed that low interest rates or even zero interest rates are available for balance transfer but this interim relief is just an [...]

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  • [Translate]   Reverse Mortgage: Get more from your house As we all grow older, our incomes shrink to our pensions, medical expenditures rise while capacity to work dwindles. If you also account for today’s current inflation scenario, it’s hard to imagine a comfortable life after retirement with limited cash flows.   But there is one [...]

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  • [Translate]     Next morning, when you peep into your daily newspaper, you might see pages dedicated to exciting purchase offers. With the festival season already underway, 0% EMI Schemes would dominate most of classified ads selling right from a trendy laptop to diamond jewellery, branded furniture for your dining room to a mind-blowing music [...]

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  • [Translate]   With a large variety of mutual funds available to choose from, you would have come across a situation many-a-times where all funds of a category seem very similar to you and you are left with no option but to turn a blind eye towards their innate differences and buy any one of them. [...]

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  • [Translate] Of late, young people have started utilizing the time, they have at their disposal, to plan, re-plan, earn and invest for retirement. When you are young, you are likely to get hundreds of advices and suggestions on investment. However, this number keeps on decreasing with age and dwindles in the golden years. Once, you [...]

  • [Translate] A lot of times, sales agent might have convinced you for highest NAV guaranteed plans. But have you looked into these plans? How much this highest guaranteed NAV is highest or guaranteed? Do they give higher returns as compared to other plans available in market? The answer is ‘No’. The highest NAV guaranteed plans [...]

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