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ANDHRA BANK ABHAYA A/C in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

ANDHRA BANK ABHAYA A/C in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh


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Features and Benefits of ANDHRA BANK ABHAYA A/C in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh





Individuals, either single or joint

Age Limit

5 to less than 70 years

Insurance cover

Rs. 25,000 /- per person

Risk Covered

Risk is covered only due to accident


In case of Death                     Rs. 25,000 /-

Disability:      a)  Permanent     Rs. 25,000 /-

                    b)  Partial            Rs. 12,500 /-

Premium/ Service charges

Rs. 18 /- per person per annum (subject to changes every year)


The insurance charges are to be collected at the time of opening the account and on 31st August every year

Insurance Year

1st September to 31st August every year

Claim Information

The information should be given within 90 days directly to the bank branch where the account is maintained.

Claim Submission

The claim document should be submitted within 180 days from the date of accident/ death to the bank branch.

Value additions

Cheque books/ International Debit card/ 24 hour ATM facility/ Utility payments through ATMs/ Instant Fund Transfer/ Any Branch Banking.

 Settlement of Claims is done by United India Insurance Company Ltd (UIICO), at their sole Discretion and Andhra Bank will only act as a facilitator. UIICO, reserves the right for Admission of claim and reject a claim in case of incomplete submission of documents Or misrepresentation of facts.


This is not meant to be a prospectus. This is only a gist of the salient features. For further details and other conditions, contact your nearest Andhra Bank Branch.       

Documents Required for ANDHRA BANK ABHAYA A/C in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Identity proof :

    * Passport
    * PAN card
    * Voter ID card
    * Driving licence
    * Government ID card
    * Photo ration card
    * Senior citizen ID card

Address proof :

    * Passport
    * Telephone bill
    * Electricity bill
    * Bank Statement with Cheque
    * Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office

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