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Axis Bank Priority Banking Account

Axis Bank Priority Banking Account


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  • Account Type
  • Saving Account
  • Minimum balance
  • Rs. 1,00,000 for quarterly balance.
  • Daily withdrawal limit
  • Rs. 50000
  • Free debit card
  • Free
  • Funds transfer facilities
  • FREE
  • Auto sweep FD facility
  • N.A.

Features and Benefits of Axis Bank Priority Banking Account

  • Banking Privileges
    • Priority Banking Lounge:
      As a Priority banking customer you will have access to an exclusive 'Priority Banking Lounge' at branches. This will allow you to conduct your financial transactions in utmost comfort and confidentiality through an exclusive Relationship Manager.
    • Dedicated Relationship Manager:
      You will enjoy access to a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your one point contact at branch for all your banking transactions thus ensuring that you would neither have to move from one counter to the other nor stand in queues to await your turn.
    • Home Banking:
      Experience the convenience of our home banking facilities. Avail of free cash and cheque pick-up and delivery at your office or residence.
    • Exclusive Priority Banking International Debit card:
      This card allows you free access to all VISA ATMs in India. The card also comes with higher ATM withdrawal limits, higher POS transaction limits at merchant establishments, enhanced insurance cover and a host of special discounts and offers.
    • You also get Preferential Interest Rates and lowered Processing Fees on select Retail Loans.
    • Other Banking Privileges:
      Enjoy a host of banking privileges like free at-par cheques, demand drafts and pay orders, free passbook updates and monthly statements.
    • You would also be entitled to two free minor accounts, one free outward remittance per quarter and free Mobile banking.
  • Investment Privileges
    • Avail of assistance in financial planning. Investment advice, market information reports, and invitations to investor meets are offered complimentary to you.
  • Lifestyle Privileges

    However, it's not all about just financial services. We aim to provide a different Lifestyle experience through special offers on premium brands, movie privileges, special events and lots more - especially for our Priority Banking customers

  • Gold Credit Card

    As an added privilege, Priority Banking customers may also apply for a Gold Standard Credit Card and Gold Standard Secured Credit Card without any additional fee, subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

    Priority Banking customers would also be eligible for a 50% reduction on the Issuance Fee of Gold Plus Credit Card and Gold Plus Secured Credit Card. Rs. 500 will be charged as the annual maintenance charge for Priority Banking customers, subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    You can sign up for Priority Banking service by agreeing to any one of the following criteria

    • Average quarterly balance (AQB) of Rs. 1 Lakh in your savings account ( this requirement is Rs. 75,000 if in case you have a salary account with Axis Bank)
    • Average quarterly balance of Rs. 5 lakhs in combination of your savings and term deposits (Minimum AQB of Rs. 50,000 in the savings account)
    • Minimum Average Quarterly relationship (SB+TD) of Rs. 10 lakhs across members of the same family - Subject to a minimum average SB Balance of Rs. 80,000 being maintained in the SB accounts of the participating members and the remaining amount in Term Deposits
    • Minimum average quarterly relationship of Rs. 5 Lakhs in Encash 24 (Flexi Deposits) account.

Documents Required for Axis Bank Priority Banking Account

Identity proof :

    * Passport
    * PAN card
    * Voter ID card
    * Driving licence
    * Government ID card
    * Photo ration card
    * Senior citizen ID card

Address proof :

    * Passport
    * Telephone bill
    * Electricity bill
    * Bank Statement with Cheque
    * Certificate/ ID card issued by Post office

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