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Prepayment Calculator

Enter the following details to find out how you can reduce your loan period by making additional prepayments.
1. Original Loan Amount (Rs.) *
2. Start Date of the Loan Pick a date  *
3. Loan Duration (Yrs.) *
4. Rate of Interest (%) *
5. Prepayment Penalty (%) *
6. Interest Earned if Money Put in FD (%) *

Prepayment Calculator

Loan prepayment is the extra repayment, partially or fully, of the loan amount, in addition to the EMI, prior to the maturity of the loan. Prepayment results in a decrease in the interest burden on a housing loan. For a financial institution prepayment results into loss of interest income and therefore prepayment charges are sometimes applicable. Usually, on prepayment, the EMI is kept constant but the term of the loan is reduced to reflect the reduced principal. This calculator helps you determine how you can reduce your loan tenure by making additional prepayments. It provides the following information:

  • EMI
  • Outstanding Principal (principal amount yet to be paid).
  • Remaining loan duration.
  • Prepayment charges.
  • Interest Paid on the Remaining Loan Amount.
  • Interest earned on FD and other investments.
  • Net savings.


  • Money is put in FD, and removed every month, to pay EMI
  • There is a tax implication on FD interest earned @ 30%
  • The FD principal gradually falls down to 0, as all EMIs are paid every month from that amount.
  • Interest rate is compounded monthly.

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