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  • The main concern of Raghavan is liquidity and capital preservation; hence, he should not go for aggressive money-market schemes. But which conservation MIP should he opt for?

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  • Arun bought a Super Saver Endowment Plan from Bajaj Allianz in 2008 with the sum assured (life cover) of Rs 3.5 lakh and annual premium of Rs 26,305. Baffled with low returns amidst present day’s high inflation scenario, he is contemplating to surrender his endowment policy and invest into diversified mutual funds. Should he surrender [...]

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  •   Case: Nikhil is recently blessed with a son. He wants to start investing as early as possible, so that he can save well for his son’s higher education. As the result, he decides to contact an investment agent to decide strategy on the he should adopt. His investment agent pushes few child plans towards [...]

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  • What is the budget impact on housing loans? The Union Budget 2011-12 has taken cognizance of the growth potential in the residential sector especially in the priority sector and has announced a laudable interest subvention.  The budget has redefined the priority housing sector to include property up to Rs 25 lakhs, from Rs 20 Lakh [...]

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  • Sumit, 27 is software professional working in a reputed IT firm earning Rs 40,000 (In hand) a month. He has been working for past 5 years and the following is its current financial position: ·He has no substantial savings. ·He bought a car worth two years back ·Outstanding balance of his credit card: Rs 45000 [...]

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  • Mr. Praveen, 25 works in a reputed MNC and has just received Rs 1,00,000 performance bonus. Praveen wants to invest the same in profitable avenues but is confused about eventual financial goals. Suggesting him a suitable financial strategy. At the very outset, Mr Praveen needs to define its goals clearly. Goals have to be realistic [...]

  • Best ways to buy a new Rs.25000, Rs.50000, Rs. 1Lakh, 2Lakh, 5Lakh consumer goods (or any consumable) – break FDs, get EMIs, get company advance, pay on your credit card, get a personal loan, – evaluate each option and rates. In our life tenure, sometime we come across a situation where we are in urgent [...]

  • There is some good news for all of us. Most world economies are on the path of recovery and the dreary recession is behind us. Though recession threatened our job, our lifestyle and our existence at one point in time, it nonetheless taught us some basic, yet important, money management lessons. We learnt to stretch [...]

  • In today's troubled economic scenario, we prefer the kind of investments that will protect our wealth rather than create wealth for us. Gold is one such investment. It is a bedrock of investments that can weather any storm. Gold as an asset has long-term intrinsic value, which helps shield our investment from inflation, currency debasement [...]

  • It is said that the parents are the first teacher of the child. You have to run behind your little son or daughter to get them to sit still and learn as they desist from learning things! But along with teaching your child daily etiquette, educational subjects and other things, you need to teach him/her [...]

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