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Free Credit Card

To survive in today’s cut-throat competition of credit card market, various banks are offering free credit card to draw new clients. Here, the free credit card implies to a card which does not charge joining and annual fees, i.e., no amount would be required to pay at the time of application for the card. However, selecting right free credit card can be a tricky task. Here, knowing which credit provider to opt for is imperative to save you a great deal of money.

Free credit cards are becoming more and more popular these days. Some of these free credit cards even offer bonus rewards to customers, which enables them to earn discounts on flights, hotel stays, cash rewards and many more exciting gifts. However for this, your credit score should be high enough to qualify for the free credit card. I have been using free credit card from last one year but when my sister applied for the same, her application was rejected due to low credit score. I would suggest you to first ask for your credit report from CIBIL to make sure you have good chances of approved before submitting your credit card application form.

Tips To Select Free Credit Card

  1. One must ensure to read the finer print about the credit card, which is generally available at the website of card issuing company. It is important to know the terms and conditions before buying one.
  2. All free credit cards have different terms and conditions. Take care to look over each option to decide which one would work best for you, according to your financial situation and spending style. Make an informed decision only after the careful assessment of your current personal finance status.
  3. Be sure about the company’s policy on late fees as they can snowball, if remain unchecked. Any delinquency in payment could result in an instant hike in your interest rate.

So, be careful and enjoy the benefits of credit card!!!

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