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Titanium Credit Card

Titanium credit card is one of its kinds of credit cards, which are being offered to high-income group of people, who prefer to live a premium lifestyle. Generally, titanium cardholders are entitled to get VIP treatment, in addition to the standard package of perks with client service staff that caters to the extravagant whims of cardholders. Some of the benefits of the card may include entry to such events which are not available to general public. Privileges of holding such a rarified credit card vary from company to company and card type. Let’s check out some additional titanium credit cards benefits:

  • Worldwide concierge services, including dinner & entertainment reservations and personal shopping assistance
  • Generous travel benefits, including airport club & golf courses access, hotel and resort upgrades, late check-outs and travel experts' advice
  • Exclusive tickets to sports, movies and other art events
  • Redemption of reward points for luxury products and upgraded airline seating
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Balance transfer facility
  • Revolve facility
  • Cash advance facility
  • Zero petrol surcharge
  • Cash back on fuel across all petrol pumps, telecom payments, utility bill payments, etc.

Some of the leading Titanium credit card issuing companies in India are:

  • HDFC Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Citibank
  • ABN Amro Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • ICICI Bank, etc.

Even if you want to own a super-special titanium card and are ready to spend money for it, getting one is not guaranteed. The banks issuing titanium credit card are not specific about exactly, who will qualify for these products and lots of things depend on banks’ discretion; therefore, it is pertinent to know few standards before applying for it. Your credit rating should be stellar with high income, as most card issuing companies require a potential cardholder to have a comfortable six figures’ salary. If you do not fit into these titanium credit cards’ eligibility criteria, the card issuing company will not think twice before rejecting your application.

Titanium Credit Card FAQs

(1) Can I get a credit card with bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get credit card with bad credit. These days, various credit card companies are chalking out plans to extend credit cards to people with credit troubles. It gradually helps them in improving their score.

(2) What is grace period?

A grace period on credit card is an interest exemplary (interest-free) period. It means that you can avoid paying interest on your credit charges if you will pay off your full credit card dues within this stipulated time frame. Generally, credit card companies offer 10-15 days grace period.

(3) What is balance transfer in credit card?

Balance transfer is the process of transferring the current outstanding balance or debt from one credit card to another. It proves useful for the card holders if the interest rate on one credit card is high against the other card on which the balance has been decided to transfer. The facility also helps those cardholders who are not satisfied with the services of the existing credit card company.

(4) What is the need of credit card insurance?

Credit card insurance offers protection in case of card loss or theft. Such insurance also pays off your debt you owe, if you die.

(5) When a credit card company reduces credit limit?

If the credit card is jointly held by two persons and any one authorized user might have requested the card issuer to reduce credit limit, the card issuing company reduces the car limit. In addition, if you do not pay your minimum amount on the card or have negative credit report, the card issuing company may feel compelled to reduce your credit limit.

(6) Can I use my credit card for paying various expenses on Internet?

Yes, you can use your credit card for paying varied expenses on the internet. However, the Reserve Bank of India has prohibited the use of credit card for certain expenses on its banned list, for instance, sweepstakes, lottery, etc.

(7) Why credit card companies levy interest charges?

Credit card companies charge interest, if the total amount due is not paid by the payment due date. The card issuer will charge interest on the total amount due till the previous outstanding amounts are fully paid by the cardholder. Moreover, interest will also be charged by the company on all cash advancement from the date of transaction until the date of payment.

(8) Is there any benefit in paying through a credit card even if I have sufficient cash?

It depends on your outlook towards credit cards. With the help of a card, it is possible to delay your bill payment by up to 50 days. Moreover, card issuers offer you a discount on the next year's annual fees, if you would make purchases over a certain specified amount with your credit card.

(9) What is reward point?

Credit card companies have introduced the concept of reward points to promote regular usage of their cards by its members. Under this concept, the cardholders are basically rewarded with points for the amount spent on purchase of goods or availing services through the card. The cardholders can redeem these points against gifts or purchase of selected products or for paying the annual fees in certain cases.
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