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    What Is The Difference Between Platinum Titanium Gold And Silver Credit Cards

    May 5th, 2010 by
  • Titanium, platinum and gold are the premium credit cards. Basically, these are the terms used by card-issuing banks to differentiate between the levels of services offered on each card. In premium segment, titanium cards give higher reward points, more privileges and discounts. But at the same time, these cards attract the highest fees and service charges.
    On the other hand, there are standard credit cards on the lowest segment. These cards have got very low or no annual fees, and do not offer as many discounts as a titanium card would. Basically, these are no-frills, low-cost cards offering benefits of a credit card. This is how you can classify the credit cards from the most expensive to least expensive.

    • Titanium cards: Most expensive in terms of fees, and also give access to most privileges
    • Platinum cards
    • Gold cards
    • Silver cards
    • Standard cards: Least expensive in terms of fees, and also low-cost, no-frills cards
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