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IDBI Bank Fixed Deposit in India

IDBI Bank Suvidha Fixed Deposits have always stood for safety, credibility and attractive rates of interest.  What’s more, IDBI bank interest rates are among the highest in the industry so you get the benefit of high rates of return on your savings. These fixed deposits have been further packed with the following features:

  • Anytime access to your IDBI fixed deposits
  • Fixed Deposits across tenures of 15 days to 10 years
  • Various Options to suit your needs.

Listed below are the different plans for fixed deposit with IDBI bank,

Monthly Quarterly Income Plans
For those who seek regular incomes; a great option for people who require interest income at regular intervals. The interest income will be credited automatically into your savings account at the interval (Monthly/Quarterly) specified by you.

Quarterly Compounding Fixed Deposit 
Ideal for those how want a higher rate of return combined with a low risk Fixed Deposit:
This option re-invests the interest earned on your IDBI fixed deposit, every quarter resulting in a higher rate of return for you. For example, the interest rate for a 2 years + 1 day deposit is 5.80% p.a. but the effective yield is higher at 6.11% p.a. on account of re-investment of the interest earned.

Sweep in Savings 
Earn fixed deposit rate on your savings account:
This option offers you the flexibility of a savings account combined with the safety and higher rate of interest of a Fixed Deposit. Open a zero balance savings account and you can link multiple Fixed Deposits to your savings account (minimum FD relationship required is Rs. 50,000). If there are no funds in the savings account the same can be broken (in multiples of Rs. 1,000) from the Fixed Deposit through a debit card or a cheque. Moreover, the Fixed Deposit booked last will be broken first so that you lose the least amount of interest.

Overdraft against Fixed Deposit 

Tide over your urgent cash requirements without breaking your Fixed Deposit:
This option allows you to continue earning the higher rate of interest on the Fixed Deposit and at the same time, you meet your monetary requirements. An overdraft of upto 90% of the Fixed Deposit/Multiple Fixed Deposits held with the bank, will be setup in your zero balance savings account. The overdraft can be availed against the Fixed Deposit amount of Rs. 50,000 or higher at very competitive rates. Moreover, the overdraft is first given on the Fixed Deposit earning least interest so that your interest payout is minimized.

Senior Citizens Fixed Deposits
Earn higher rates:
If you are a senior citizen, you have the advantage of earning higher interest on your regular income plans and reinvestment plans. IDBI Fixed Deposit interest rates for senior citizens are higher by 0.50% pa. You can choose from tenure ranging from 46 days to 10 years for minimum fixed deposits starting from Rs 10,000.

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