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While buying ULIPs, what many people do not know is that they have an option of managing their investments and make sure that it yields maximum returns. Generally, ULIP invests your money either in share market, known as market-linked instrument; or in bonds and other fixed income securities, known as debt instruments...[Read]

Factors that affect your loan approval? What To Look For In Education Loan? [More]

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  • Huge outstanding on his Credit card and how should he go about, with so many loans as he is not able to do any savings

  • Investment of Rs. 1 lakh for a long term. Our expert advises as to which investment would give good returns.

  • Child plan, the right way. Our expert addressing the issues of a common man who wants to invest in a child plan (Insurance).

  • Rupeetalk.com's expert addressing the issues of a common man who wants to check his CIBIL records.

  • Credit card fraud - steps to take when a Credit Card is used without owner's knowledge.

  • Our expert giving excellent solution to loan queries and how one can tackle them in order to achieve complete peace of mind.


How to grow your money

Investment and money management is not rocket science. Download this presentation to learn how and where to invest your money to have safe and high returns

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Find out your home load eligibility, EMI and loan to value ratio from various banks. Also get indepth analysis of pre-payment and balance transfer

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Unexpected bills

HDFC Silver Credit Card Review
I dont know why they have been charging me so much. I get enormous bill amounts. Sometimes because of this i am not able to pay my bill ... [Read]

lost card replacement is fast and the fee is nominal

SBI Platinum Credit Card Review
Exciting features on SBI platinum card. Also lost card replacement is fast and the fee is nominal. I happen to loose my card and i got it replaced... [Read]

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Central Bank education loan

Established in 1911, Central bank was the first bank wholly managed and owned by Indians. In line with the guidelines from RBI, Central Bank has been playing an increasingly important role in promotion of agriculture, small scale industries as also medium and large industries. Providing loans for education has also been on the priority list...[Read]

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Case Studies

Where To Invest Rs 1 Lakh - Short And Long Term Options

Mr. Praveen, 25 works in a reputed MNC and has just received Rs 1,00,000 performance bonus. Praveen wants to invest the same in profitable avenues but is confused about eventual financial goals. Suggesting him a suitable financial strategy....[Read]

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Finance basics

Rupeetalk helps you understand personal finance better so that you can make the right financial decision for yourself. There are many jargons and terms which are difficult for a common man to understand and taking benefit of this, agents and sales persons dupe them. "Finance basics" enables you with guides, tips, glossaries, FAQs and 5 point guides so that you make the right choice.









Home Loan Guide

When to opt for a home loan

This appreciation in the value of the property makes a compelling case for buying a house with a loan. The individuals are actually leveraging the amount that they have with themselves by taking a loan and financing a larger cost house. The benefit of the appreciation...

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Home Loan Tips

Set off home loans

Akash applied for a home loan for an amount of Rs 10 lakh for a period of 15 years at an interest rate of 12%. His EMI in this case came out to around Rs 12,000. His payment schedule for the first 6 months was as follows.......

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Personal Loan Guide

What are personal loans

Personal loans are loans, which are given without any specific purpose in mind. In simpler terms, unlike a car loan or a home loan, a personal loan can be put to any use by the beneficiary according to his/her discretion.....

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Personal Loan Tips

Personal loan vs Credit card

There are situations when a credit card has a large amount outstanding on it. The moment the amount is rolled over the interest cost on it starts accumulating. With it, any additional expense also gets the same interest levied on it.....

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Credit Card Guide

What is a credit card?

The easiest way to understand a credit card is to think of it as a 'short-term, unsecured loan'. In common terms, a credit card is also referred to as a piece of plastic. Credit cards allow the users to make expense that they can pay at a later date....

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Credit Card Tips

Credit cards reward points

We know banks give reward points on the basis of transactions you make on your credit card. So, how useful are these reward points anyway?...

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Loan Against Property Guide

Specific conditions

There are specific conditions that have to be fulfilled by the borrower before the loan against property is actually sanctioned. The conditions for loan are different when it comes to individuals and business enterprises....

More from Loan Against Property guide

Loan Against Property Tips

Advantage of a loan against property

There are several benefits of taking a loan against the property rather than other types of loans. This does not mean that a loan against property is the best type of loan that is present in the market under all circumstances because different...

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Fixed Deposit Guide

Nature of fixed deposits

A fixed deposit is an investment route that provides a regular stream of income for investors. Fixed deposits involve investing a particular sum of money with a bank or a financial institution or even a company; this investment is in the form of debt....

More from Fixed Deposit guide

Fixed Deposit Tips

Risk element in a fixed deposit

Most people believe that because a particular investment is in a debt instrument there is no risk involved in the entire process. This is not true because every investment involves some kind of risk....

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Mutual Fund Guide

What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual fund is a mechanism for pooling the resources by issuing units to the investors and investing funds in securities in accordance with objectives as disclosed in offer document....

More from Mutual Fund guide

Mutual Fund Tips

How much should one invest in debt or equity oriented schemes

An investor should take into account his risk taking capacity, age factor, financial position, etc. As already mentioned, the schemes invest in different type of securities as disclosed in the offer documents and offer different returns...

More from Mutual Fund tips

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Business Loan Guide

Amount available

In the overdraft facility, the amount is not fixed for specific categories of business. The figure is different for each case, depending upon the financial position of an entity and the funds it require. This is again a short-term facility, so the conditions will keep on changing, resulting in a change ...

More from Business Loan guide

Business Loan Tips

Other facilities

There are other conditions involved with a term loan that need to be met. This includes some service charges that might have to be paid, depending upon the position of the borrower as well as the condition of the term loan....

More from Business Loan tips

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Business Loan FAQs

Tax Guide

Comparison between old and new tax structures

The new budget has already brought good cheer to the average Indian by raising the taxation slabs. A comparison between the old and new tax slabs is as follows.....

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Tax Tips

Why is proper tax planning important

Let us see how proper tax planning can actually save you money. Ram and Shyam were two salaried employees, both with an annual compensation package of around Rs 7.5 lakh. Ram received the complete compensation in the following manner...

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Home Loan

A Home loan is an easy way to fulfill your dream of owning a house. If you are new to the world of home loans, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about home loans.

Home loan interest rate comparison here Home loan EMI and prepayment calculator here User reviews on home loan banks here Home loan guides and tips here Expert reviews on home loans here Articles on home loans here Case studies on home loans here Home loan terms glossary here Latest news on home loans here

Personal loan:

A Personal loan is a convenient way to meet short term cash expenses like a marriage in the family, an overseas vacation etc. If you are new to the world of personal loans, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about personal loans.

Personal loan interest rate comparison here Personal loan EMI and prepayment calculator here User reviews on personal loan banks here Personal loan guides and tips here Expert reviews on personal loans here Articles on personal loans here Personal loan terms glossary here Latest news on personal loans here

Credit card

A credit card has nowadays become a neccessity rather than a luxury. Credit cards provide multiple benefits such as free credit, reward points, convenience, online shopping etc. If you are new to the world of credit cards, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about credit cards.

Credit card interest rate comparison here User reviews on credit card banks here Credit card guides and tips here Expert reviews on credit cards here Articles on credit cards here Case studies on credit cards here Credit card terms glossary here Latest news on credit cards here


Keep yourself updated on the stock market and learn all about demat accounts in India. If you are new to the world of stocks, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about stocks.

Compare various demat accounts here User reviews on demat accounts here Articles on demat accounts here Articles on investments here Investment related case studies here Future value calculator here Latest news on stocks here

Income tax benefits - implication on ULIP investors

Holders of unit-linked policies (ULIPs) might have to see tough days ahead. If the much-hyped row between IRDA and SEBI was not enough, the revised direct tax code could hit the investors hard which is to be out in a month or two... [Read]

10 signs that you are being set up by your life insurance agent

Most people have their first contact with an insurance company through an insurance sales agent. These agents help individuals, families, and businesses select insurance policies that provide the best protection for their lives, health, and property... [Read]

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