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What To Look For In Education Loan?

You might have heard many people say that higher education is left for upper and upper middle class, people, especially when we take into account expensive courses like management, flying, etc. It is because the cost of education has sky-rocketed in the recent past and is expected to rise..[Read]

How To Pick Travel Insurance For Students Going Abroad? 8 Agents Tricks To Make You Pay [More]

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  • Huge outstanding on his Credit card and how should he go about, with so many loans as he is not able to do any savings

  • Investment of Rs. 1 lakh for a long term. Our expert advises as to which investment would give good returns.

  • Child plan, the right way. Our expert addressing the issues of a common man who wants to invest in a child plan (Insurance).

  • Rupeetalk.com's expert addressing the issues of a common man who wants to check his CIBIL records.

  • Credit card fraud - steps to take when a Credit Card is used without owner's knowledge.

  • Our expert giving excellent solution to loan queries and how one can tackle them in order to achieve complete peace of mind.


How to grow your money

Investment and money management is not rocket science. Download this presentation to learn how and where to invest your money to have safe and high returns

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Find out your home load eligibility, EMI and loan to value ratio from various banks. Also get indepth analysis of pre-payment and balance transfer

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Axis Bank - A wonderful bank

Excellent. I had relationship with Axis bank when it was uti. But when they changed frm uti to axis i thought their staff and customer service priorities will change, but they seem to improve even mor... [Read]

HDFC Bank personal loan- please reduce rates

hdfc bank people make you feel very special when you go to take a loan. Its nice o feel better but afterwards the increase in the interest rate and subsequent emi spoils the mood. pl pass on the benefit... [Read]

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Reliance Commercial Finance Home Loan

Reliance Commercial Finance, a member of the Reliance family, is one of the growing non-banking financial companies of India which offers various financing solutions such as vehicle loans, mortgage loans, loans against investments, SME loans, and microfinance lendings. Interest Rates Reliance provides home loans at the floating rate of 10.25%. Charges Charges^ Amount Loan Processing...[Read]

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Case Studies

What Is The Right Time To Break Your Insurance Policy?

Arun bought a Super Saver Endowment Plan from Bajaj Allianz in 2008 with the sum assured (life cover) of Rs 3.5 lakh and annual premium of Rs 26,305. Baffled with low returns amidst present day's high inflation scenario, he is contemplating to surrender his endowment policy and invest into diversified mutual funds....[Read]

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Finance basics

Rupeetalk helps you understand personal finance better so that you can make the right financial decision for yourself. There are many jargons and terms which are difficult for a common man to understand and taking benefit of this, agents and sales persons dupe them. "Finance basics" enables you with guides, tips, glossaries, FAQs and 5 point guides so that you make the right choice.









Home Loan Guide

Home loan determining floating interest rates

Another experience for a lot of people is the loan rate change benefit available only in a few sectors. There are times when the lending bank or institution changes or lowers the rate on a floating rate loan....

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Home Loan Tips

How to select home loan bank

The experience of a customer with a home loan provider is a very vital component of their day-to-day dealings because of the fact that this is a long-term loan where there will be lots of occasions when the two parties will have to interact...

More from home loan tips

Personal Loan Guide

Personal loan costs: interest rate, processing fee and other charges

Interest rate: This is the key cost of taking a personal loan. Being an unsecured loan, the rate of interest is high. In fact it is lower to only credit cards in the loan segment....

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Personal Loan Tips

Upfront installments in a personal loan the real cost

The stated rate of interest is not the actual rate that a person pays on a personal loan in all cases. The manner of calculation of the rate and the base on which this is done play an important role...

More from personal loan tips

Credit Card Guide

How does a credit card work

How does a credit card actually work? Suppose you go shopping for clothes. You decide to pay through your credit card instead of using cash. This is what happens: You hand over your credit card to the merchant...

More from credit card guide

Credit Card Tips

Credit card frauds and how to avoid them

When you receive your credit card always check that it is sealed and that the seal is not tampered with. Sign on the back of your card immediately after receiving it. At times, monitor your credit card account, either on the Internet...

More from credit card tips

Loan Against Property Guide

Categories of borrowers

Personal loans are available for different categories of borrowers who are people in different walks of life. This makes it a route that is quite easy to access and hence also represents a way in which all categories of borrowers can take care of their personal finances....

More from Loan Against Property guide

Loan Against Property Tips

Advantage of a loan against property

There are several benefits of taking a loan against the property rather than other types of loans. This does not mean that a loan against property is the best type of loan that is present in the market under all circumstances because different...

More from Loan Against Property tips

Fixed Deposit Guide

Tax implication of fixed deposits

Fixed deposits will earn a particular rate of interest. This interest amount will be taxed under the Income Tax Act. It is considered under the head of income from other sources. The entire amount of the interest earned is taxable, so the gross amount of the interest......

More from Fixed Deposit guide

Fixed Deposit Tips

Benefits of fixed deposits

There are several benefits that are present in investing in a fixed deposit for an individual. On one hand, there is an element of safety that is being built into the entire portfolio and on the other, there is a part of the portfolio that represents debt as an asset class....

More from Fixed Deposit tips

Mutual Fund Guide

What is a Load or no-load Fund?

A Load Fund is one that charges a percentage of NAV for entry or exit. That is, each time one buys or sells units in the fund, a charge will be payable. This charge is used by the mutual fund for marketing and distribution expenses. Suppose the NAV per unit is Rs.10....

More from Mutual Fund guide

Mutual Fund Tips

How much should one invest in debt or equity oriented schemes

An investor should take into account his risk taking capacity, age factor, financial position, etc. As already mentioned, the schemes invest in different type of securities as disclosed in the offer documents and offer different returns...

More from Mutual Fund tips

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Business Loan Guide

Repayment of term loans

Term loan is a special type of loan and hence its repayment has an added importance. There are specific purposes for which the loan has been taken and thus there is no common way in which the loan repayment will be fixed....

More from Business Loan guide

Business Loan Tips


The borrower will be charged an interest rate based upon his/her position. There is a specific bank rate known as the prime lending rate (PLR), to which all the advances are usually linked. There will be a premium or a discount to this rate. If it is a top-rated borrower like a company...

More from Business Loan tips

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Tax Guide

Calculation of tax on other incomes

In addition to their Salary incomes, there are other income avenues available to the salaried individual. Each of these has a different tax treatment. Some of these avenues are explained under...

More from Tax guide

Tax Tips

Tax deductibles

There are various deductions allowed from the total income of an individual while computing his tax liability. Some of them are as follows...

More from Tax tips

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Home Loan

A Home loan is an easy way to fulfill your dream of owning a house. If you are new to the world of home loans, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about home loans.

Home loan interest rate comparison here Home loan EMI and prepayment calculator here User reviews on home loan banks here Home loan guides and tips here Expert reviews on home loans here Articles on home loans here Case studies on home loans here Home loan terms glossary here Latest news on home loans here

Personal loan:

A Personal loan is a convenient way to meet short term cash expenses like a marriage in the family, an overseas vacation etc. If you are new to the world of personal loans, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about personal loans.

Personal loan interest rate comparison here Personal loan EMI and prepayment calculator here User reviews on personal loan banks here Personal loan guides and tips here Expert reviews on personal loans here Articles on personal loans here Personal loan terms glossary here Latest news on personal loans here

Credit card

A credit card has nowadays become a neccessity rather than a luxury. Credit cards provide multiple benefits such as free credit, reward points, convenience, online shopping etc. If you are new to the world of credit cards, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about credit cards.

Credit card interest rate comparison here User reviews on credit card banks here Credit card guides and tips here Expert reviews on credit cards here Articles on credit cards here Case studies on credit cards here Credit card terms glossary here Latest news on credit cards here


Keep yourself updated on the stock market and learn all about demat accounts in India. If you are new to the world of stocks, we advise you to go through our extensive guides, tips, faqs, glossary, self help articles, videos and case studies to understand all about stocks.

Compare various demat accounts here User reviews on demat accounts here Articles on demat accounts here Articles on investments here Investment related case studies here Future value calculator here Latest news on stocks here

Income tax benefits - implication on ULIP investors

Holders of unit-linked policies (ULIPs) might have to see tough days ahead. If the much-hyped row between IRDA and SEBI was not enough, the revised direct tax code could hit the investors hard which is to be out in a month or two... [Read]

10 signs that you are being set up by your life insurance agent

Most people have their first contact with an insurance company through an insurance sales agent. These agents help individuals, families, and businesses select insurance policies that provide the best protection for their lives, health, and property... [Read]

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