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Punjab National Bank (PNB) Fixed Deposit in India

Punjab National Bank has several Domestic Deposit Schemes designed to cater to the needs of various segments of customers to meet their specific requirement. PNB fixed deposit Account can be opened by individuals, sole proprietorship concerns, partnership firms, associations, trusts, limited companies etc. Minors are not eligible. Account for fixed deposit can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs.10,000/- for any period from 6 months to 120 months. Overdraft against the deposit is available instantly and automatically. A chequebook is issued at the time of accepting the deposit.

Listed below are the different plans for Fixed Deposits with PNB:

  • PNB Tax saver:
    Catering to the need of the customers, PNB has devised a new scheme for the investors gearing to park their funds in term deposits of five years and above with availability of tax benefits under Sec. 80 C (2) (xxi) of the Income-tax Act.
  • Anupam Account:
    Anupam Account Scheme may be opened with minimum initial deposit of Rs10000/- and   thereafter in multiples of Rs 1000/-.
  • Multi Benefit Deposit Scheme:
    This PNB Plan entitles you to earn interest at term deposit rates on quarterly compounding basis. You may open with any amount with a minimum deposit of Rs.1000/- for any period from 6 months to 120 months.
  • Special Fixed Deposit Scheme:
    Depending upon your choice, this PNB scheme offers regular income to you by the way of payment of interest on monthly or quarterly basis. Interest is credited regularly. However, the original amount of fixed deposit remains intact and paid at the time of maturity.
  • Flexible Deposit Scheme:
    Flexible Rate Deposit Scheme provides a deposit product with a Market determined interest rate linked to a Govt. Security Paper of 10 years maturity.

Spectrum Fixed Deposit Scheme:
A Multi-Option Fixed Deposit Scheme that fit your needs, timing & resources, to match your convenience.

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